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More chef's knives can be found at Haslinger Culinary Knives.

10.5" bladed Carbon Damascus Chef with Curly

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Santuko paring knife handled in premium curly

Santuko 4" paring knife handled in fiddleback

Evolution Chef Knife 142 mm Blade with

Evolution Chef Knife 142 mm Blade with Blond

Textured Maple Burl Handled Bowie

Begbie Kernmantel Damascus and Maple Burl

Hazelton Ladder Damascus Hunter handled in

Damascus ring with genuine ruby set in 24

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Snakewood Kernmantel Damascus Bowie with

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New Generation Chef 150mm Blade - Curly Koa

Mammoth Ivory Handled Damascus and Ruby

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CPM S35-VN Tanto Handled in Maple Burl

Mother of Pearl and Damascus Dress Knife

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