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TV Radio Appearances and Book Reviews

An Edge in the Kitchen by Chad Ward

TV Radio Appearances and Book Reviews

An Edge in the Kitchen: Chad Ward provides an in-depth guide to the most important tool in the kitchen, including how to choose the best kitchen knives in your price range, practical tutorials on knife skills, a step-by-step section on sharpening, and more——all illustrated with beautiful photographs throughout.

Haslinger has an extremely innovative design for chef's knives.

An Edge in the Kitchen is fun to read, intelligent and delightful in debunking the mysteries of kitchen knives once and for all.

City TV

April 2001, City TV, formerly A-Channel Television appearance with my work. I was invited to participate in the morning show of the Calgary station. This was my first TV appearance and very positive and rewarding.

On the radio CBC's show Vancouver North by Northwest November 19, 2021.