Invisible bolster pinning on a Haslinger knife

Form follows function, clean lines, uncompromising style, unrivaled performance on all my work.

The materials I work with are diverse, ranging from stabilized woods, to ancient mammoth ivories, pearl and steels such as CPM S35-VN, Damascus steel and man made materials like carbon fiber. All those allow me to blend both artistic design, as well as high performance into one solid package.

I make my own carbon Damascus steel from a variety of steel combinations, as well as Kernmantel Damascus with a center core of high quality cutlery steel. Kernmantle (laminate), with a solid core of O1 tool steel with a layer of Damascus on each side. At times I use Damascus steel from such makers as Chad Nichols, Devin Thomas and Robert Eggerling.

While "pretty" even my art knives spare no compromise heat treating and a solid construction method, that make them battle ready. Testing to destruction on new working knife designs is in my basic package of a new design. How does one otherwise know if it stands up to real world use?