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Haida Eagle

Haida Eagle
  • Haida Eagle
  • Haida Eagle knife sheath

A very unique blade shape, compromising a recurved warncliff lends his shape to represent the "beak" of an eagle in this art knife.

Fast Facts:

  • OAL: 9 5/8"     "BL: 4 1/4"
  • Rockwell Hardness C 62
  • BG 42 stainless blade steel
  • Sculpted mother of pearl handle
  • Desert ironwood handle
  • Gold detailing
  • Onyx inlays
  • Diamonds

Designed after a Haida tribe symbolic Bald Eagle. BG 42 stainless steel was chosen, as it has extremely good edge holding ability, as well it takes on a premium satin finish. A fully rounded spine give the piece a distinct flowing styling, that is enhanced with elective file work. Those in turn represent the nostrils and the neck feathers.

The eye of the "Eagle" makes the knife come alive. Black Onyx is inlayed, not flush with the surface, rather just below it and domed on both sides. Besides the pupil being gold inlayed into the stone and a diamond inset, the dome shape conveys a sense of depth and richness due to this.

The bolster is warm toned ironwood that has been inlayed with gold circles. Those represent the circle of live, so many times found in native culture. Fully carved premium Mother of Pearl scales are shaped as symbolic wings. A true one of a kind art piece. I am currently working on a mountain mans knife that will be a partner piece, so keep checking back frequently for updates.

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