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The Golden Dagger

Golden Dagger close up
  • Golden Dagger close up
  • Golden Dagger
  • Golden Dagger handle parts
  • Golden Dagger closeup

Meticulous inlays of Mother of Peal in the fully sculpted damascus handle is one of the highlights on this exceptional dagger.

Fast Facts:

  • OAL:12 1/2     "BL: 6"
  • Rockwell Hardness C 59
  • HCK Damascus Blade 1084 & 15N20
  • Solid HCK Damascus sculpted handle
  • Lost wax cast solid gold guard
  • Solid gold pommel
  • AAA Ammonite gemstone
  • Engraved by D. Reeves

Kunst in Stahl - Art in Steel

Featured in Kunst in Stahl, Art in Steel, ISBN-10: 3938711582 and Knives 2011, ISBN-10: 1440211132.

One of the highlights of this piece is the solid gold guard and pommel and make this dagger a hefty piece. A total of 10.2 oz of gold (as cast) has been used. Forged of 1084 and 15N20 in a modified ladder pattern with a distinct 15N20 banding layer, giving the blade a dramatic look.

The fully fluted solid HCK Damascus handle has been sculpted and inlayed with Mother of Pearl, not only on the flat face, but also at the sides. As the sides have a round contour, inlaying was extremely challenging.

All inlay work was done by hand starting with 6mm thick Mother of Pearl. The pommel has a full color spectrum AAA ammonite inset into it. Engraving by D. Reeves of Montana.

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