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Hyperborean - to the frozen North

Hyperborian Dagger with Narwahl Tusk
  • Hyperborian Dagger with Narwahl Tusk
  • Hyperborian Dagger parts of
  • Hyperborian Dagger pommel view
  • Hyperborian Dagger guard view

The Hyperborean is a truly outstanding one of a kind knife and was made to fit with a series of other knives themes. Named after Greek mythology, Hyperborea, mythical people who lived "beyond the North Wind".

Fast Facts:

  • Overall Length: 16 1/4 "  BL: 7 3/4" Thickness 1/4"
  • Rockwell C 59
  • Mike Norris SS Ladder Damascus
  • Narwhal handle
  • HCK Damascus guard and pommel
  • 14ct gold detailing
  • Ammolite inlays

Messer Magazin 2009

Featured in Messer Magazin Mai/April 2009, page 16.

Mystical Narwhal tusk graces the handle of this large dagger. The tusk has only been lightly polished so as to leave the natural wear marks in it. A forged to shape guard that was sculpted to reveal the layers of Damascus within makes for an impressive "blade" catcher, that is structurally solid and visually

stunning. The "leaves" on it have colorful ammonite inset into gold. Sculpted 14 ct gold rings compliment the transition between the Narwhal and Damascus and add a subtle brilliance. The pommel was shaped to compliment the overall flow of the design. Not stopping at a simple finish to the rear of it, it features a brilliant ammonite stone in a spectacular color of blues and purples inset into gold. The business end of the dagger is a symmetrical ground M. Norris Stainless Ladder Damascus blade. The dagger can be fully disassembled, by removing the pommel as seen in the accompanying images. It is finished as nicely inside, as outside.

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