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  • Jasper
  • Jasper

As others have said: This is one design that will be copied often. I am flattered.

Fast Facts:

  • OAL: 11 7/16"  BL: 6 1/2"
  • BG 42 Stainless Steel hand satin to 1200 grit
  • Picture Jasper Handle
  • Stainless Fasteners
  • File worked Spine & Spacers

Knives Illustrated 2002

Featured in Knives Illustrated 2002, page 18.

My original design idea came from a bridge going over a ravine. The Picture Jasper is in this case the landscape and the suspended handle construction is the "bridge". A "rock" solid design, with great grip. The Jasper was meticulously drilled with a diamond drill to facilitate the screws that hold it onto the tang of the blade. The tang itself was drilled and tapped to align with the screws. Stainless steel spacer were used as stand-offs between the tang and handle, to create the "suspended" look.

Select file work and texturing along the full spine add a subtle dimensional difference and blending nicely with the overall piece. A custom designed stand of Wenge and Birdseye Maple compliments the piece.

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