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Makori Wakazashi

Makori Wakazashi
  • Makori Wakazashi
  • Makori Wakazashi close up

A nicley balanced Wakazashi with non traditional fittings and a San Mai Damascus with O1 core for great cutting action makes the blade.

Fast Facts:

  • OAL: 18 1/8" BL: 11 1/4"
  • HCK 1084 & 15N20 Kernmantel Damascus
  • Copper guard and pommel cap
  • Makori veeneer handle
  • Makori overlaid wooden sheath

Premium Makori veneer was used in the construction of this Wakazashi. The handle core is micarta and the Makori veneer was glued over this and then sealed with super glue. This make for a handle that is extremely stable in a variety of environments.

The sheath has a similar construction, except that baltic birch was used for the core. Blackwood caps and turning finish off the sheath. The peg is in-layed with Mother of Pearl.

Solid copper fittings make the short sword have some heft, without being a slow piece. The business end of the piece is random Kernmantel Damascus with a O1 core, that I forged. Kernmantle, a soild core of O1 tool steel with a layer of Damascus on each side.

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