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Ocean Ripple

Ocean Ripple Folder
  • Ocean Ripple Folder
  • Ocean Ripple Folder
  • Ocean Ripple Folder - spine view

Meticulous fitting of the Timascus® bolsters to the mammoth bark ivory make a unique transition of the handle junction in this gentlemen folder.

Fast Facts:

  • OAL:6 1/4     "BL: 2 3/4"
  • Rockwell Hardness C 59
  • F. Schneider Stainless Damascus
  • Heat colored Timascus bolsters
  • Mammoth bark ivory handle
  • Gold plated screws
  • Filework
  • Titanium Frame

Knives 2004

Featured in Knives 2004, page 68, ISBN-10: 0873496876.

Broad patterns flowing like ripples of waves across the stainless Damascus blade make the working end of this gentlmen's folder. Beautiful earth tones in the mammoth bark ivory compliment the heat colored Timascus® bolsters.

Fully fileworked blade spine and spacer add a subtle intricate details to the folding knife. A serious folding knife, light weight and well balanced for every day carry.

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