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STELLITE® 6K and Oosic Folder


The materials in this folder represent the different Canadian provinces. Fully fluted Oosic and Titanium make this folder stand out from the crowd.

Fast Facts:

  • OAL: 6 5/8" BL:  3"
  • Titanium bolsters
  • Oosic bone handle
  • Titanium frame
  • Amonite inlayed thumb stud
  • File worked

Made to a customers specifications, all materials flow with the design idea. To have something that is linked to all provinces in Canada. The STELLITE® 6K, a cobalt alloy was chosen for the blade.

The thumb-stud is inlay-ed with a brilliant capped Ammonite gem. The blade and spacer have been fully file worked and diamond textured. A truly Canadian piece, as all materials are from various Canadian Provinces. STELLITE® 6K - Ontario / Oosik - Northern Canada / Titanium - Quebec / Ammonite - Alberta / Gold - Yukon

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