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Voyageur, a folder with a secret

  • Voyageur
  • Voyageur nuggets in secret comparment
  • Voyageur open view
  • Voyageur scroll view
  • Voyageur closed view

Going more into an art direction this folder has a secret compartment...

Fast Facts:

  • OAL: 10.5"   BL:  4.625"
  • HCK random Damascus horseshoe file and saw steel
  • Mammoth ivory scales
  • Damascus bolsters
  • Scroll
  • Fileworked backbar

Blade Magazine 2012

Featured in Blade Magazine October 2012, page 68.

Patterned after historic pieces this friction folder sports a hidden compartment to hold treasures. While no fasteners are visible the folder can be fully disassembled. The blade is made from a horseshoe file and band saw steel. The bolsters are of the same steel, forged into a different pattern and caustic hot

salt bath blued. The scroll thumb rest was hand forged and file worked the same as the spine. Premium mammoth ivory in golden and brown hues add a touch of subtle elegance to this periodic piece. The compartment itself is not visible once the folder is closed. An internal spring and two ball detentes hold the "bail release" in a closed position, so opening it will require a good push with ones thumb.

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