Evolution Chef Knife 140mm with Fiddleback

New Generation Chef 150mm Blade - Curly Koa

New Generation Chef 254mm Blade - Curly Koa

Maple Burl & Stainless Damascus Dress Folder

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Mammoth Ivory Handled Damascus and Ruby

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STELLITE® 6K and Oosic Folder

Stainless Ladder Damascus Carving Set Curly

Evolution Chef Knife 142 mm with Blond Maple

New Generation Damascus Chef Knife

Raindrop Damascus and Ironwood Burl Folder on

Evolution Chef Knife 140mm Blade with Spalted

New Generation Chef 200mm - Fiddleback Maple

Ocean Ripple Damascus Folder with Mammoth

Stainless Damascus and Ruby Folder

Stainless Damascus and Mammoth Ivory Carving