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Knife Restoration

Restoration William Morton dagger by Haslinger Knives , Unrestored  William Morton dagger

I repair/restore knives, cutlery and other related items in order to maintain them in the best possible condition for the continued use and possible future collectors enjoyments throughout the world. I offer a wide range of services. Much of my work relates to repairs of items with flawed or missing handle parts, resurfacing metal, sharpening, cleaning.

As with any repair work, there are limitations to what can be done. Unfortunately for some items, it is not possible to achieve an improvement on their condition.

Please inquire with details and possibly images of your items and concerns and I be more than happy to respond back to you and possibly have you mail me the item for evaluation and I will promptly get back to you with a quotation regarding the feasibility of repairs and associated costs. The images to the left are a before and after of a William Morton Dagger restore project.

Heat Treating Services

A blade coming out of a 2000 degree F furnace

I specialize in high alloyed stainless steels, including but not limited to Nitro-V, CPM S35-VN, CPM S30V, CPM 154, BG 42, ATS 34, Elmax Superclean®, Sandvik 13C26, AEBL, 440C and stainless damascus. O1, A2, D2, D6, 5160, L6, 52100, W-series and carbon damascus steel are some of the tool steels I heat treat.

My heat treating services are geared to other knifemakers or industries that require speciality heat treating on a small scale.

I employ a custom designed heat treating furnace with full atmospheric controls and digital temperature controls with an accuracy of +- 3° degree at 2000° Fahrenheit. Heat treating and quenching cycles are tailored for the intended use of the product. Multiple quenching and tempering media's are used for optimum performance. Optionally a cold tempering cycle is used for additional performance increase.

Knife Photography

Knife Photography by Haslinger

I now offer knife photography to makers or collectors alike. If you head on over to news you find a list of my images published in various magazines.

If you have that special piece that you would like to get photographed to share on various social media platforms, or submit to magazines, or just for insurance purposes I can be your photographer.

I shoot with a full frame digital camera mostly on diverse background.

A quality strobe setup with umbrellas and reflectors is used to highlight the features and areas of the knife that only another knifemaker can envision. Limited post processing ensures images are print and media ready.

Classes & Demonstrations

Knifemaking Courses by Haslinger

Classes on various knifemaking topics are available. They range from beginner to advanced and have you walk away with a finished knife. Please view below pages for additional course information.