A blade coming out of a 2000 degree F furnace

I specialize in high alloyed stainless steels, including but not limited to Nitro-V, CPM S35-VN, CPM S30V, CPM 154, BG 42, ATS 34, Elmax Superclean®, Sandvik 13C26, AEBL, 440C and stainless damascus. O1, A2, D2, D6, 5160, L6, 52100, W-series and carbon damascus steel are some of the tool steels I heat treat.

My heat treating services are geared to other knifemakers or industries that require speciality heat treating on a small scale.

I employ a custom designed heat treating furnace with full atmospheric controls and digital temperature controls with an accuracy of +- 3° degree at 2000° Fahrenheit. Heat treating and quenching cycles are tailored for the intended use of the product. Multiple quenching and tempering media's are used for optimum performance. Optionally a cold tempering cycle is used for additional performance increase.